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Omar El‑Takrori

Think Media / Pastor

How to be effective on YouTube – churches / individuals creating content to share their faith

Unlock the secrets of impactful digital evangelism in our talk ‘How to be Effective on YouTube,’ designed for churches and individuals seeking to optimise content creation and share their faith.

Daryl Gungadoo

Adventist Review Media Lab Director

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for Discipleship

In our talk ‘Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for Discipleship,’ we will delve into innovative ways these technologies can enhance and deepen the discipleship experience in the digital age.

Danielle Davis


How to use Social Media for your church

Discover the power of connection and community as we unravel effective strategies in our talk, ‘How to Use Social Media for Your Church,’ equipping you with the tools and techniques to leverage different social media platforms and strengthen the digital presence of your faith community.

Benjamin Lundquist

Executive coach / Rise & Lead podcast

Empowering you to build your faith, unlock purpose and impact more people

Join us for an inspiring talk focused on empowering individuals to build their faith, unlock purpose, and make a meaningful impact on more lives, as we navigate the transformative journey towards spiritual growth and purposeful living.

Fernando Marro

Content creator

Inspirational Talk for Content Creators

Elevate your creative journey with our Inspirational Talk for Content Creators, where we share insights, motivation, and practical tips to ignite your passion, overcome challenges, and craft authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Justin Khoe

Digital Missionary Academy

How to create effective content that takes people on a journey of discipleship

Embark on a transformative exploration as we unravel the art of crafting effective content that guides individuals on a profound journey of discipleship, equipping you with the tools to inspire, engage, and lead others toward spiritual growth.

Jess Partridge

JES Solution Marketing

Is My Social Media working?

In this talk ‘Is My Social Media Working?’, we will demystify metrics, unveil engagement strategies, and empower you to gauge the effectiveness of your online presence for impactful results.

Kiran Skariah

SKAR Ministries / Youth pastor

Strategies for Building Vibrant Online Communities

Discover the keys to success in the digital realm with our talk on ‘Strategies for Building Vibrant Online Communities,’ where we unveil effective techniques to foster engagement, cultivate connection, and create thriving virtual spaces that leave a lasting impact.

Laurel Papworth

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Transforming Discipleship Through Artificial Intelligence

Explore the cutting-edge intersection of faith and technology in our talk, ‘Transforming Discipleship Through Artificial Intelligence,’ as we delve into innovative ways AI can enhance spiritual growth, foster community, and revolutionise the discipleship experience.

Derek Ortiz

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design that cuts through the clutter

Unleash the power of visual communication with our talk on ‘Graphic Design that Cuts Through the Clutter,’ where we share insights and techniques to create compelling designs that captivate, resonate, and stand out in today’s visually saturated landscape.

Claire Marsh

Psychologist / Adventist Counselling Services

Navigating the Challenges of Social Media

Join us for an insightful talk on ‘Navigating the Challenges of Social Media,’ where we explore practical strategies to overcome obstacles, foster a positive online presence, and thrive amidst the complexities of the digital landscape.