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Easter Invite Challenge

Easter presents a special opportunity to invite friends, family, and your community to attend a service at your church. Google search data reveals that there is a spike in the number of people searching for churches leading up to Easter. So let’s not miss this opportunity, take a few moments to watch this video from Brady Sticker who runs a digital agency specialising in helping churches grow. In this video he covers:

How to get started

  1. Watch the video below from Brady Sticker – Easter marketing masterclass – 7 Church Marketing Strategies to Increase Easter attendance
  2. Choose the marketing strategies that are best for your church and get going, implement them
  3. Be ready to provide a warm welcome to any guests who may contact you or turn up at your church
Digital Discipleship is not affiliated with ChurchCandy and Brady Sticker. Video used with permission.

After the conference, watch this space for more great links to helpful resources to help grow your church.