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The 2024 Digital Discipleship Conference

9 March 2024

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How can you make a difference in a world that seems broken, where hope seems elusive, and faith is faltering? Amid this darkness, we can declare a message of hope. The gospel is a light that pierces through the darkest corners of despair.

This is an invitation to embrace a new era of faith and service, to become a digital disciple. In a world saturated with technology, we encourage you to use digital tools to reach people in your neighbourhood as well as places across the globe where the gospel has yet to echo. Be part of a collective heartbeat, a movement of people who seek to make a tangible difference. Through the fusion of personal touch and cutting-edge technology, we can fulfill the divine mandate that Jesus has entrusted us with.

The Digital Discipleship conference will guide and inspire you. It will help you connect with people in profound and meaningful ways.

Join us online March 9, for this conference. Where you can begin to learn about how to be a catalyst for change and understand the digital tools that are available to achieve this. If you are a content creator, a church leader, or a church that wants to be a light in your community, this conference is for you. Help others meet Jesus and find hope through your content. Register now so you can be part of this special event.


Omar El-Takrori

Omar El-Takrori has been a video creator for over 15 years. He has helped Think Media grow to over 2 million subscribers and has accumulated over 25,000,000 views on videos he has created for the channel. Everyday his content is reaching thousands of people with the purpose to help them get better with video. Omar has influenced product development for major brands like Sony, Canon and Adobe.

Benjamin Lundquist

Benjamin is a pastor, author, high performance leadership coach, and keynote speaker. He hosts the The Rise and Lead Podcast, currently being downloaded in well over 115 countries, designed specifically to motivate and equip listeners to live your greatest life with maximum impact.

Daryl Gungadoo

Daryl was born in Mauritius and grew up as a missionary kid in East and West Africa. He is an inventor, engineer, pilot and has been using his creative and unique way of thinking to forward God’s work in the fields of technology and innovation. In 2022, Daryl completed a PhD in Computational Cognitive NeuroScience from Stanford University.

Danielle Davis

Danielle is a Christian content creator that specialises in social media growth for Churches. With a passion for connecting faith communities in the digital age, Danielle has carved a niche for herself as a strategic digital marketer with a focus on enhancing the online presence of churches.

Fernando Marro

Multilingual Digital Evangelist and influential Christian content creator, proficient in producing content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. With a formidable online presence, this creator has amassed over 5.5 million followers across various social media platforms. Renowned for engaging and inspiring digital content, they have achieved a staggering milestone of more than 100,760,616 views on YouTube alone, showcasing a far-reaching impact in the digital realm across multiple linguistic communities.

Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe is an author, content creator, and social media educator based in Hawaii. Through the Digital Missionary Academy, Justin aims to equip ministry leaders with the tools needed to reach their first million people with the gospel.

Derek Ortiz

Designer & Creator. Sharing creative tips & tricks for content creation, primarily in graphic design.

Laurel Papworth

Laurel Papworth is an global AI consultant and workshop facilitator with a focus on generative AI (ChatGPT) through licensing her course, “AI Is My CoPilot”, at the Australian Institute of Management. Since 2008, she’s taught diverse AI subjects including behavioural, semantic and computer vision AI.

Kiran Skariah

Reverend Kiran Skariah, also known as PastorSKAR online, is an ordained minister with a passion to see the next generation be all they can be. PastorSKAR and his livestream have developed into a life-changing ministry reaching tens of thousands of people around the world.

Jessica Partridge

Digital Marketer and the founder of JES Solution Marketing.

Claire Marsh

Claire is a psychologist who is the manager of Adventist Counselling Services (ACS). She is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT).

Kayla Stump

Director of Marketing and Data at Life.Church Online | Leveraging technology to connect people around the world with hope and community.

Nelson Laconi

Nelson completed a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, where he was awarded a Lifetime Membership to the Golden Key International Academic Honours Society based on his academic performance. A lover of continued learning, Nelson has also completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Teaching), an Advanced Diploma in Leadership, a Certificate IV in Fitness, and is currently completing a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology.


Omar El‑Takrori

Think Media / Pastor

How to be effective on YouTube - churches / individuals creating content to share their faith

Unlock the secrets of impactful digital evangelism in our talk 'How to be Effective on YouTube,' designed for churches and individuals seeking to optimise content creation and share their faith.

Daryl Gungadoo

Adventist Review Media Lab Director

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for Discipleship

In our talk ‘Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for Discipleship,’ we will delve into innovative ways these technologies can enhance and deepen the discipleship experience in the digital age.

Danielle Davis


Social media growth for churches: It all starts with this approach.

Discover the power of connection and community as we unravel effective strategies in this session, which will equip you with the tools and techniques to leverage different social media platforms and strengthen the digital presence of your faith community.

Benjamin Lundquist

Executive coach / Rise & Lead podcast

Empowering you to build your faith, unlock purpose and impact more people

Join us for an inspiring talk focused on empowering individuals to build their faith, unlock purpose, and make a meaningful impact on more lives, as we navigate the transformative journey towards spiritual growth and purposeful living.

Fernando Marro

Content creator

Inspirational Talk for Content Creators

Elevate your creative journey with our Inspirational Talk for Content Creators, where we share insights, motivation, and practical tips to ignite your passion, overcome challenges, and craft authentic content that resonates with your audience.

Justin Khoe

Digital Missionary Academy

Three strategies to reach your first million people with the gospel

Embark on a transformative exploration as we unravel the art of crafting effective content that guides individuals on a profound journey of discipleship, equipping you with the tools to inspire, engage, and lead others toward spiritual growth.

Jess Partridge

JES Solution Marketing

Is My Social Media working?

In this talk ‘Is My Social Media Working?’, we will demystify metrics, unveil engagement strategies, and empower you to gauge the effectiveness of your online presence for impactful results.

Kiran Skariah

SKAR Ministries / Youth pastor

Strategies for building vibrant online communities

Discover the keys to success in the digital realm with our talk on ‘Strategies for Building Vibrant Online Communities,’ where we unveil effective techniques to foster engagement, cultivate connection, and create thriving virtual spaces that leave a lasting impact.

Laurel Papworth

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Transforming discipleship through artificial intelligence

Explore the cutting-edge intersection of faith and technology in this session as we delve into innovative ways AI can enhance spiritual growth, foster community, and revolutionise the discipleship experience.

Derek Ortiz

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design that cuts through the clutter

Unleash the power of visual communication with our talk on ‘Graphic Design that Cuts Through the Clutter,’ where we share insights and techniques to create compelling designs that captivate, resonate, and stand out in today’s visually saturated landscape.

Claire Marsh

Psychologist / Adventist Counselling Services

Navigating the Challenges of Social Media

Join us for an insightful talk on ‘Navigating the Challenges of Social Media,’ where we explore practical strategies to overcome obstacles, foster a positive online presence, and thrive amidst the complexities of the digital landscape.

Kayla Stump

Director of Marketing and Data / Life.Church Online

Community Around Content: Digital Discipleship in a Tech-Focused World

Online conference streaming live on YouTube and Facebook

viewing hubs

You can participate in the Conference in the convenience of your home, or you can participate with like-minded digital disciples at one of these major viewing hubs across the South Pacific.

We are currently identifying and working with different locations to act as viewing hubs – please watch this space for more information. If you would like to have a viewing hub in your location, please let us know.

Avondale University

Catalyst Room – 582 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong, NSW Australia

Refreshment served, bring your own lunch

Fulton University College

Masimasi Road, Nadi, Fiji – Lecture Theatre One

more details soon

Missed last year’s event?

Short-form content. Artificial intelligence. Online Church systems. These and more are the things you missed. But you can watch all of it now on-demand.

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